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  1. Thank you Marcros... The Solution if the icon shows but the Gui is no coming that tome for all Linux user please give the comand " sudo apt-get install libappindicator1" into the terminal and then restart the system and you notice a simple NOD32 Icon in the top to help you to access the GUI again.. after click you find Use the GUI according to your requirement.. thanks again to Marcos for this best tip... regards Souvik
  2. it open only once and after that the GUI is not opening. I just want to know why? How to open the NOD32 GUI again and proceed with the scanning according to my requirement? It is very helpful information for every new Ubuntu user. by the way, I am right now using Ubuntu 20.04 as an OS, as the picture shows... We are eagerly waiting for the reply... regards Souvik...
  3. I have an eset nod 32 accounts in the XXX@gmail.com... Please help me with the below-mentioned issue please suggest to me about the problem so that I access fully my purchased product... I have everything and it is showing device 0 then why it is not activated... it is showing Please let me know my user name and which password I have to apply for activation.... regards Souvik
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