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  1. Hello, sorry for n00b question, but is the upgrade task automatic for Eset Cloud customers? We've approx 1200 agents, all of them still have 8.0.1238.0 version, should I issue the upgrade command or just wait for next days? Thanks!
  2. Thanks Marcos, Just for sake of knowledge, do you know why those operations get blocked or why on 2012 specifically? Maybe someone else already got through WMI tracing in the past…
  3. Hello all, resuming from this comment by Nightowl we're still observing thousands WmiPrvSE.exe blocked operations by HIPS in all our MS 2012 Servers (see attachment). Yes I know, “Log all blocked operations” option can be disabled, but I’m wondering if all these events could impact system performance / stability somehow… why does this happen on 2012 (R2) only and not in subsequent versions? Thanks Gabriele
  4. As a side note, policy propagation throughout nested groups takes A LOT (45 min for 1 policy to be applied to 100 clients). Is there a way to speed up this process? Like an "update policy" task or "re-apply policies"
  5. Hello, simple question as title: we've hundreds of agents connected to a specific EPC instance, we’ll need to get them managed by another Protect Cloud account. Aside from migrating groups and policies, is it possible to change which EPC the agents connect to? Like Partial Migration from ESMC 7 / ESET PROTECT 8 to ESET PROTECT Cloud but from Cloud to Cloud... Thanks! Gabriele
  6. Hello Marcos, In fact, the purpose is to set specific defaults values, but let users adjust them if they need. For example: set the reporting levels to “balanced”, but let users change it to “aggressive” or “off” if they want to be more / less notified about events. set specific HTTP scanner ports, but let user add/remove them when they use specific internal portals. enable notification for critical Windows Updates, but let user disable them … and so on This is nothing but a “hey, we configured all settings for you, but you can change them now” mood. Gabriele
  7. Description: Set default setting in policy, but let user change it Detail: currently every setting in a policy can be applied in 3 ways: Not set (editable on client) Set (not editable on client) Enforced (not editable on client) I personally miss the “Set (editable on client)” option, i.e. I’d like to set the default value, but let the user change it permanently on his/her client. This is somehow similar to the override behavior, but without the temporal limitation and without the client being considered non-compliant. Gabriele
  8. Hello MichalJ and thanks for answering. I’ve re-checked the client network connection and finally they received the policy as expected. However, when the “Manage Policies” menu is opened for a group, it does not show the inherited policies, AFAIK this is by design (only direct applied policies are shown) - Is there a way to know the resulting inherited policies for a static group without opening clients details? If not, I’d like to suggest this feature.
  9. Hello, I think I may missing something here… I have this strange behavior, subgroup is not showing inherited policy from its parent. Weirdest thing is, “POLICIES” column shows 0 applied policies for a PC, but when I open the “Manage Policies” menu for that client, the policy is there. This does not appear to affect all the objects in the same way. What’s happening? Thanks!
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