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  1. If the UK office was bothered then they would have investigated this weeks ago before getting to this stage. In 14 years, any problems (not many i have to say) have been solved quickly and professionally. The last 24 months, the UK office seem to have lost focus on what matters. I await a phone call. 21/04/2021 and still no contact in relation to this issue. Still have paying customers who cannot use the product they purchased. I really don't have to start posting this elsewhere (Facebook, Spiceworks....) to get the support needed do i?
  2. Hi Marcos, Thank you for your response. It is unfortunate as this will effect a very large percentage of your partners worldwide. ESET has always been channel driven so i am quite surprised that this was overlooked and everyone was tarnished with the same brush in respect to licence abuse. As stated beforehand, there are legal implications for the reseller when passing on personal information to a third part from the original point of contact. For us, it has been business breaking and very costly as we have not had the support from your UK office in dealing with this. What
  3. I was going to edit and add this to my previous but is locked so i have added it here. I would rather take a phone call from a customer and explaining why a device they haven't used for 13 months wants a licence key, than having to spend days trying to get help on this from our PARTNERS.
  4. When ever an engineer is explaining to me what went wrong, the use of the word "assume", is almost always in the explanation.-That is what went wrong, you should never assume. The user has been a subscriber for 14 years. His products are always up to date as we see this customer on a regular bases. They have however, had devices lost, failed and replaced over that period of time. It is rare with our customer base for someone just to uninstall ESET. As a repair company, it is almost due to hardware failure, lost device or replacement. Did you make your partners aware that they have t
  5. Hi Marcos, thank you for reaching out. I have sent you a PM and will not post anything further for the time being.
  6. We have been an ESET reseller for over 14 years and have enjoyed a very good and healthy relationship with ESET UK. Over the last 24 months the relationship has been anything but smooth. With the recent implementation of license counting (which we support), as repair company this has become a nightmare. We are now often finding ourselves stuck in an impasse, taking days for the UK office to sort it, if at all. We have had a complaint open for 3 weeks now, and still have no resolution to the issue. I have tried to speak with various members in ESET to be told, there is nothing they ca
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