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  1. Hello, We have come across an issue that seems to only affect Sandisk SSD's. Once windows is installed, we perform a FDE without TPM on the HDD or SSD, in this case, a SSD. Once the encryption is done, once we shut down the laptop or PC and try to turn it back on, it will not detect the drive. (we have not tested these drives with a device that supports TPM yet so cannot comment on if that would work or not) It doesn't matter if we boot with UEFI or Legacy, it won't boot. This only happens after the FDE. This affects all our devices, different brands and models. We have the up-to-date BIOS on all devices I've tested. To list a few: Dell Vostro 3559 Dell Vostro 3568 HP Probook G5 HP Elitebook The specific SSD is Sandisk SDSSDP-064G and Sandisk SDSSDP-128G I have tried 4x the 64GB and 1x the 128GB. All 5 have failed. I couldn't find this issue reported elsewhere. It's not a big problem, we can just use another brands but does limit us to availability.
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