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  1. Ok. Thanks. I sent a message to one of the moderators 7 hours ago. Waiting on response. Thanks for all your help. ☺️ You're the It, Man.
  2. Thank you for your input. By the way, while I got you on the "line". 🙂 If I want to change my display name on this site, can it easily be done? Just wondering?
  3. Hello Itman: Do you mean Remove All cookies and site data? What about clearing cookies only from the two (2) specific sites that I was trying to make a payment using PayPal with my debit card only? If I Remove All Cookies and Site Data is it going to remove all my saved passwords in Google Chrome? I just added them back recently because they got deleted. (It took me a couple of days.) Thanks.
  4. I am having trouble making payments to online merchants using PayPal and my debit card as my payment method. I had trouble using PayPal Express on a particular website and kept getting an error message. I then tried a few days later on another website to make a payment at checkout and my card was declined. It was not declined by PayPal, my bank (card issuer) or the merchant. So, I deduced that ESET was remembering the previous transaction that my card was not processing on the website I was on previously. I had to change my payment method to my bank account, so I can still use PayPal, but ESET won't let me use my debit card. I always used my debit card before and had no problems. The reason the first website would not process my card is because PayPal express and store credit are not compatible, so customer service had to process my order using only store credit. I had tried over an over again to use my debit card with PayPal express and it would not go through. Now, I am having the same issue with other websites for no reason. I can't use normal Google Chrome browser to use PayPal because it will only work when ESET Browser is opened. How do I get ESET to stop blocking my debit card, so I can go back the way I had it before and use PayPal express with my debit card?
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