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  1. Is the beta still ongoing ? The changes seem pretty awesome. I'd like to test the beta, if it is still available.
  2. I've got a really weird problem. I wanted to upgrade a Windows 10 client with EEA from 6.3 to 6.4 but I'm recieved an error that says "the product cannot be uninstalled, try uninstalling manually." So I log into the computer and attempt a manual uninstall by going to Programs and Features and removing the app. Halfway through it fails with: "SoftwareInstallation: Installation failed with: (0x643), Fatal error during installation (0x643), Could not delete key \Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\ekrn.exe. Verify that you have sufficient access to th
  3. Yeahh 6.2.7 does NOT resolve the Web Access Protection for my users. Members of my engineering team are unable to hit their QA or Prod site for testing. We troubleshooted a bunch of different things, but as soon as I disabled WAP, they were able to access the sites instantly. This is kind of disappointing really. The 6.2.3 beta actually functioned better. I'm going to try deploying the beta to one of the engineers to see if it is replicated on that version. Who do I need to contact to get this resolved?
  4. That's what I've been doing, but it keeps respawning back in ELA. I'm not seeing this device in ERA Web Console, most likely because its a consumer version without an Agent. I've been given the contact number to ESET Support, but I have not seen Charles-PC since Friday. If it shows up once more, I'm calling. This is baffling that someone can use MY license to install other ESET products I was not licensed to install.. There are multiple layers of issues with this problem.
  5. I doubt someone shared the licensing information, because only myself and my supervisor have access to the license key. Once activated products such as EEA are activated, you only see the Public License ID.
  6. @Gonzalo, thanks. I will try, and I know that might be the better course of action, but they are not easy to get in touch, at least for me. I wanted to see if anyone else had a similar issue and if some of ESET Support on the site could fast track my issue.
  7. In ELA there is an unknown/unauthorized computer using a seat on my license, CHARLES-PC. I do not have any Charles, Charlie, Chuck, or any variation of the name working at my company. The only people that have access to activate and deploy ESET in my company are myself and my supervisor, who has no knowledge of this CHARLES-PC either. My license is for 80 seats for EEA + File Security Products. Charles-pc is using NOD32 Antivirus. All of my devices in ELA are listed as 'Managed', whereas Charles-pc is listed as 'Standalone'. This has happened three times already. I've deactivated the
  8. Which versions of EES do you have deployed to your computers ? Was the spike in CPU during a scan or just standalone ? If it was an in-depth scan, you could try lowering the scan type.
  9. Sweet. How do we get the new Configuration Engine Module and what changes come with it ?
  10. Try messaging TomasP for the beta build. I've used it to deploy to all of my Apple users (~25) and have not received one complaint.
  11. You know I did find that KB a few weeks ago, but it did absolutely nothing because there is no compile and install directions on the webkit link. Unless there's something that I missed, I don't see it anywhere under 'Wiki' or any other page. Not trying to sound like a typical end-user but if you can provide more specific instructions or a more direct link other than https://trac.webkit.org, that'd be helpful.
  12. How goes the QA testing ? It's been 2 weeks since you last updated us. Are there any pre-releases available yet ?
  13. Hmm... I'll bookmark the site and keep my eye on it. I appreciate you bumping it up. For example, I had no idea the patch for ELA was pushed out to production. Would've been nice to know sooner. Minor bug: the Audit Log icon seems to be missing.
  14. Thanks, Marcos. Appreciate all the time and effort you guys are putting into it. Have you considered some kind of mailing list to alert clients of new releases/patches ? I usually meticulously check the forums for any relevant information about new updates. It usually kills about 10-15 minutes of my day scrolling through different forums looking at specific topics. I know I can subscribe to topics, but that means I'll get notifications of ALL posts in that topic.
  15. How do I determine if they share the same HW fingerprint? If there are multiple devices nestled under a '+' dropdown menu ? I do have one device that has a dual partition of OSX and Windows on it that has its own individual ERA Agent + EEA installed on each OS. Even though physically, it is one device but with two logical OSes, does that mean it is utilizing only seat ? I really appreciate the clarification and transparency.
  16. Alright, thanks MartinK. My whole use-case for this is because I have a mismatch of "Activated Seats" vs. the total number of connected clients I truly have. For whatever reason, my number of activated seats is shown as 70, but I have a total of 74 connected devices to my ERAS. All of them are reporting fine so I'm just a little confused why I have three less activated seats than I should have. I managed to correct a couple of devices that were not "activated by ERAS" but there are a handful of computers listed with a much older name. As a result, it's harder to figure out what's missing or du
  17. So.... nobody knows ? I would really like to have an answer to this
  18. I'm curious how ELA gets it client information. I have a handful of client devices that have been renamed over time due to employee departures and/or hires. The FQDN that ELA is reporting does not match the current hostnames of the devices. All these computers are part of a domain and successfully replicate with the DC. I've tried deactivating and reactiving the clients, flushing DNS, etc. I've even gone so far as purging the devices from my domain and rejoining them. I'm just trying to rack my brain how the old hostnames keep appearing when I can't find any trace of them anywhere.
  19. Was this automatically pushed out or do we need to manually install this module? If so, where is the download link for this ?
  20. Bump. I could use this answer too. I am currently on 6.1.530 and would like to upgrade within the next week or so.
  21. You know, I've noticed some performance drops too. Lately whenever I comment, I'll get the green loading bar at the top of the screen for an extended amount of time and then nothing happens. I need to verify my post went through by refreshing the page. I've made a couple of accidental double posts before by hitting the submit button twice.
  22. 6.3 was released this afternoon. Check out the stickied post.
  23. Usually I like to wait about a week or two before diving into a new release. I was just getting ready to upgrade to 6.2 but then people starting complaining about performance issues. It was some time before WFP was located as the issue. My last upgrade was 6.1.350.0, which I believe was April or May, last year? I've long been awaiting a more polished version of ESET to move up to.
  24. Thanks for the information at least. It's more comforting to have a general idea, rather that no information at all. I'll take it with a grain of salt, but I look forward to release.
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