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  1. Sorry for late reply, thank you both. luckily I did not pay for the repair, only for the working part I got later.
  2. Thank you for your response, i should call it safe then.
  3. Hello, Long story short, I had an issue with my laptop ( Dead Keyboard ), and I contacted the Local computer shop near where I live to get a replacement part that I would install by myself. The issue is that, I told them many times that I just need that particular part, but they kept insisting that they want to "see" the laptop to make sure everything is ok (Even though I am 100% Sure it's just the keyboard). at the end I gave them the laptop for like 20 - 30 Minutes (I couldn't see what they did). they returned it saying that it's fixed, which was not. after waiting for a long time (Weeks), I got the part, installed it, and it's working fine now. I got really suspicious for why they had to take it for this time and saying it's fixed which was Clearly not, specially after seeing lot's of bad reviews about this place. What if they put a malware on my OS/UEFI? So I downloaded a fresh copy of Windows, installed it, Also I flashed my UEFI with Original image. I had Secure Boot Enabled on my BIOS along with Admin password, But someone with physical access to the laptop can still flash the UEFI with Malware with a flashing tool something Like This, right? Even if I flashed my UEFI, a malware can make it looks like it's successfully flashed, but it's not (Correct me if I am wrong). I purchased ESET Internet Security because of the UEFI scanning, scanned it along with scanning windows, and no problems appeared, also having Malwarebytes running alongside ESET IS. I don't have SPI Flasher to physically connect it to the Chip and flash it from there, nor that I have the knowledge of doing it. is there any other places I can look, or my Laptop can be considered clean? thanks!
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