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    jwit gave kudos to karlmikaeloskar in ESET Network Protection Proxy and Big Sur   
    Please just try for a second and understand the problem we are having with Eset on Big Sur since November 2020.
    When installing it prompts the user to approve a network proxy. If they approve, and web and email protection is turned off: We loose network connectivity. If they approve and web and email is on: Our VPN etc breaks. If they don't approve they get a warning that their machine is not protected. But at least things keep working.
    There is a button to enable or disable web and email protection and it doesn't work. Wether that is a risk to take or not is not the point. Your answer is not very helpful when you are arguing against what your customer wants to do.
    Also, keep in mind that this is on a platform where most people do not run an antivirus at all. We are looking at this from completely different sides. And a lot of my peers are looking for other AV products.
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