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  1. Description: Multiple VDI naming patterns on a single Master for Cloning Detail: We're using the new VMware Horizon VDI Instant Clone naming pattern match feature in 8.1. It seems to work well, but is limited in the naming match mechanism only being good for one naming scheme per master for cloning/template/source VM. We use a single source VM to clone out to multiple VDI pools. These pools take on different properties based on the VLANs and group policy sets they receive after cloning and Active Directory OU assignment. With the current limits, the only way to make this function with instant clone and ESET is to assign different digit amounts for each pool (ie: naming schemes VDI-{n:fixed=2}, VDI-{n:fixed=3}, VDI-{n:fixed=4} in Horizon, and VDI-{n} in ESET). This is okay with our pool sizes, but makes things a little messy and tougher to identify systems at a glance compared to how ESET with Horizon Composer functioned. Being able to assign a CSV-separated naming pattern list to a single Master for Cloning would be an ideal approach and great to see in a future release. Thanks!
  2. Thanks, pre-release channel did it. 🙂 Trouble with stateless VDI for this, a reboot only temporarily clears the notification since reboots also cause the update to revert back to the template state. Got to make changes to the template VM for them to stick.
  3. Is there any way to force the update through? I'm experiencing this on a stateless VDI setup, but the template VM remains steadfastly on the eelam.sys driver after repeated update checks, while the composed VMs are intermittently getting the build and the warning state since Monday.
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