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  1. I have come to the conclusion that this product can not handle files that are having their music tags changed in large quantities. The console shows scans taking hours of time. It's not just one product that tags music files either, it's all of the six that I've been testing. Plus I've been trying this out on three different Macs, two running the latest version 10.9.4, and one running the latest version of 10.7.5. I may be able to turn off active scanning, but that kind of defeats the purpose. That esets_daemon is a killer. I've uninstalled this product and my console logs and the performanc
  2. I have thousands of these in my console log...well really tens of thousands...19,421 songs being processed. 7/14/14 12:08:22.247 PM esets_daemon[267]: summ[010b0500]: vdb=19167, agent=fac, name="/Users/dbaps/Library/Application Support/TidyMyMusic/musicitem.db-journal", virus="", action="", info="Event occurred on a newly created file.", avstatus="not scanned", hop="accepted"
  3. I haven't changed any of the defaults since I just installed the product, It is currently setup as you say, to only use advanced heuristics on created and modified files under advanced options, and not checked under executed files which is the default. I do have some related questions after reading this section of the manual which may be impacting performance. In the ThreatSense Engine Setup, why isn't Advanced Heuristics checked under the options tab? It says, Advanced heuristics – Advanced heuristics is comprised of a unique heuristic algorithm, developed by ESET, optimized for
  4. Well that's the problem, right? The more secure, the less convenient it is to use. Hopefully smart cards will change that and people will no longer need to use passwords. A fingerprint scan instead of a password would be wonderful. Tie it into Google's authenticator and I'm even happier.
  5. Two years ago I stopped using ESET for this very reason, it's just too slow. I have three Macs and on each they perform the same. Yes, I am doing some intensive file open/close commands but it's not even usable. To top that off, I start getting resets on disk. I've looked at the settings. is it necessary to have active scanning on each time an open, creation, and execution of a file is done? How can I trim back the resources your product is taking friom my computer. I have a boot SSD and a 4-drive RAID-10 setup that just dies when I run Eset. I end up having to uninstall. This timeI want to as
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