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  1. This one gave me a hint... i've searched how to add that "helper" and found this: https://support.eset.com/en/kb3301-create-a-firewall-exclusion-using-interactive-mode-in-eset-cyber-security-pro Changed to interactive mode and ESET identify the network interactions... Just a little boring the permission/deny dialog boxes but if you trust the app/connection mark the check to remember and create rule. Teams working fine now.
  2. Finally found a topic talking about this... Since last week with that same problem. Could never imagine that could be ESET, deactivated firewall and it worked. Any news about this issue? Edit: Maybe it has a link to the Mac OS version... The issue is happening to me on Catalina, but i have another Mac (2011 can't remember mac os version now) with cyber security pro too and everything works fine. Edit2: Forget about it... maybe it wasn't updated yet... Same problem in my mac 2011 Sierra
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