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  1. Open the main program window of your ESET Windows product. Press the F5 key to access Advanced setup. Click Detection Engine, expand Exclusions and click Edit next to Performance Exclusion
  2. It only comes up in the Edge browser. Firefox it doesn't.
  3. Still don't know how to exclude the detection from that.
  4. Does ESET continue to protect your computer even when my computer is in hibernation mode?
  5. Mine goes a lot longer than that. I used to be on the computer for a certain length of time, and see it update 2 or 3 times. Now I'm lucky I see it at all. It only seems to do it as soon as I boot up, or a little time after wards.
  6. I just cancelled it. I started a new one, and it seemed to finish at a reasonable time. As soon as I re started, ESET started up at boot time, but it takes it a long time. A minute or two.
  7. Is it normal for ESET to go over 3 hours without updating virus definitions? The last time it updated was 10:00AM this morning.
  8. How do I get that little box to show up when it is updating virus definitions?
  9. I t started an initial scan on mine after supposedly installed, and I went to bed and 9 hours later it was still scanning. doesn't start with windows either.How do I know that it is protecting my computer?
  10. Is ESET NOD 32 anti spyware good enough as to not have to get another anti spyware program?
  11. How come Nod32 doesn't show when it is updating the virus definitions anymore. I have version 9.0.408.0 I think. right below that it shows windows 10 pro (64) Bit version 10.0.14393. There used to be a box that showed up every time it was updating. I don't see that anymore. I went and manually updated, and it downloaded to updated definitions. Am I missing something, or don't I have a setting right? thanks.
  12. Does NOD32 get rid of quarantined files after a certain amount of time, or do you have to do it yourself? Is it safe to delete them?
  13. Does ESET have any protection for a Surface 3? Some people are running free antivirus like bit Defender on it.
  14. Yes. Actually no. I just went to "About", and it said 9.0.381.0.
  15. What happened to the splash screen that came up when you boot your computer up on the new version? How come it doesn't show when it has updated the virus definitions?
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