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  1. Same here, it just goes in a never ending update. Only started since 14.2.24
  2. Just a heads up, Microsoft Edge browser just updated and ESET banking protection no longer automatically works?.
  3. Thanks for advice, I updated again and now Banking is working?.
  4. Tried that and it could just be me but Edge browser still not automatically going to BPP since latest edge update.
  5. Just a heads up, it looks like the Edge browser has been updated again so unfortunately Eset banking no longer works again. I wish Edge browser would notify you people so you could stay ahead of the game?
  6. Thank you, it seems Edge causes problems with Eset every time Edge updates, you would think Edge would keep you more informed of changes?
  7. This morning Edge updated to 90, and now safe banking no longer works, anyone else having same problem?
  8. Microsoft Edge was updated today and once again secure banking has stopped working, this is getting quite annoying ?.
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