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  1. Thankyou was starting to believe it was only me!! Lol. that this was happening to.
  2. Thanks, its 1 and 2b when i am on for example my banking site and come out of it by pressing top right hand corner twice, x one to leave my banking website,two to leave secure banking then no matter what page i bring up next it comes up as secured but at this moment in time it seems to be working normaly?
  3. OK strange,just tried safe banking the way ive always used it ie cross top corner, and it works, will let you know if i have anymore problems. thanks.
  4. When i try to come out os safe banking using toolbar x top right the very next page i bring up comes up with safe banking even if its any other pages ie facebook/ emails etc etc, even though im not using secure all browsers.
  5. I use Malwarebytes pro alongside eset, i now use icons on taskbar to come out of safe banking, its a pain but it workes there are now 2 icons so not sure if its an edge problem or Eset?
  6. Just a heads up on my Edge problem, after uninstalling Ublock it seems to be working as it should, strange, maybe just coincidence?
  7. Thanks, as I'm as tech-savvy as Kermit the frog i will go to option 3, however, if i close banking protection then the web page from taskbar in that order it seems to not go into the protected site for the next site example Twitter. in other words it behaves as it should? rather going into protected sites when they arent not on my list.
  8. That's sometimes the problem, if it's not reported then it won't get fixed? every time Edge has an update BPP stops working altogether but that seems to be that Eset is not told by Edge that it's updated and so Eset is having to play catchup? which it does two or three days later.
  9. Thanks, itman, that's roughly what's happening to me I think, protected banking seems to have a mind of its own, its only got like this a few days ago so maybe an Edge update caused this? maybe I should try Firefox?.
  10. Yes, secure all browsers are disabled but it's all websites that are going into safe banking after I exit a site that's in my protected list, and I do completely exit the protected site by exiting site and protected site. this has only started a few days ago which is strange?
  11. These last few days after Months of no problems safe banking seems to have a mind of its own, I have and always have had secured browsers turned off but now after using any site that requires safe banking it then comes on for all sites even Twitter, Facebook etc. etc and will only stop this annoying habit after restarting computer but then as soon as I go on to a Banking site it does it again?. PS, I'm on Edge browser and have safe browser set to come on for my payment sites only.
  12. Same here, it just goes in a never ending update. Only started since 14.2.24
  13. Just a heads up, Microsoft Edge browser just updated and ESET banking protection no longer automatically works?.
  14. Thanks for advice, I updated again and now Banking is working?.
  15. Tried that and it could just be me but Edge browser still not automatically going to BPP since latest edge update.
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