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  1. Yeah those ports are open since it is hosting web services. So it might as well be legitimate traffic? Is there a way to tell Eset to keep blocking but no need to constantly go into alert?
  2. Here are the logs of one server. I left out the source and destination IP.
  3. I cannot find that log between the others. Do I have to enable the Network protection advanced logging option on the servers?
  4. Eset protect is generating tons of firewall alerts for our DMZ servers. The thing is, File Security does not have a firewall module so where are these alerts coming from? In addition, they are all legitimate traffic to the websites running on there so it's not even working properly. The alerts were not present in Eset Security Management Server 7.1 but popped up after upgrading to Eset Protect 8.0. Any have any suggestions?
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