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  1. I've a page on site which "auto-download" an unsigned exe. It also has a link to that same exe. The Eset is blocking that page. Is there anyway I can be sure the problem is the unsigned exe? This site is still being developed and also is the application it downloads, so thats why it is unsigned. I want to be sure it wont be blocked when I release the site and the app. Also, I don't want the site to be marked as malicious. Right know (I think) it is being blocked only on the computers that access it and not in the general DataBase of Eset. I've checked on https://www.virustotal.com/ and it is shown as 'Clean'. The message when I try to browse the site is the following (sorry, it is in Spanish): Acceso denegado ESET Endpoint Antivirus bloqueó el acceso a la página Web. La página Web está en la lista de sitios Web con contenido potencialmente peligroso. Any information would be usefull. Thanks in advance, Diego
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