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  1. I'm sorry to say, I went with another AV software this year. I have used ESET forever. But two things bothered me with this 2017 software: 1) Too many choices, none of which met my needs (or maybe something did, but it was too ambiguous) - I want the best software, and I want 5 licenses that span across all my devices. Now, maybe that exists, maybe it doesn't. But it's not clear. There were too many different flavors, and some had this and some had that. Maybe they all had everything and I just didn't understand. But it doesn't matter. IMO, the choices need to be simplified. Offer your best software across multiple platforms and give a choice for # of licenses you need. Period. I'll come back! I like ESET. But not this year. 2) Since when do I need to renew my licenses through MicroCenter? No offense, I like MicroCenter and I like ESET. But I don't like the renewal process this year. And, now I know why MicroCenter pushes ESET so hard - there's obviously a strong marriage between the companies. But, I guess it bothers me (for no good reason) that I have to renew through MC. Thanks, but I'll pass. And actually it kind of sours my opinion a bit of MC, since I always viewed them as the place to go to cater to everyone's individual desires... apparently that doesn't apply for AV software since they really really REALLY push ESET at the expense of many other major brands that they don't even keep on their shelf). So, I'm taking the year off from ESET and MicroCenter. I'll check back next year to see if ESET has simplified things, and if MC has decided to return to selling 'everything.' (I don't plan on monitoring this and I'm not looking for feedback - I'm just letting you know why I left).
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