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  1. False positive reports To submit a possible False Positive see Submit a suspicious website / potential false positive / potential miscategorization by Parental control to ESET for analysis when you wish to submit via email or use Submit sample for analysis function from the program GUI of ESET product installed on your computer. Whitelisting ESET does provide a whitelisting service for software vendors by which you can submit your software to minimize the chances of false positives, e.g., when your software is being downloaded. This service is intended as preventive measure for t
  2. ESET Research Lab can receive samples sent by users via email and also sent via installed product running on user’s computer. I will try to explain how the submission via our program works, what is recommended to do or what is advised to avoid. When you open GUI of ESET Internet Security, you will find following icon in Tools and clicking More Tools: After clicking the icon you will see the first window called Select sample for analysis. 1) It is recommended to read the Online Help before submitting a file for a first time. 2) Selection “Suspicious file” means
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