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  1. Hi itman I want to really thank you for your effort and research. I am grateful even though, unfortunately, we couldn't yet fix the issue. Surfshark says it is an eset problem. Eset syas it is a sufshark probelm All the best
  2. Hi itman Yes surshark creates a fork to rerout some trafic outside the vpn Thanks for the help :)
  3. Thanks for the tips I tried both suggestions but the problem remains
  4. Hi, I have Eset Internet Security on Windows 10 x64 - both software updated with the last updates. I have installed surfshark, and when I activate the whitelist function (to make some traffic go through the VPN and other traffic) to go outside the VPN - apps that are "whitelisted lose the internet." I have uninstalled eset, and the app starts working without issues and reinstalled and the issue reappeared. I have added surfshark folder to the exclusions and also in the firewall created a rule to allow all traffic. But it doesn't seem to make any difference.
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