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  1. Well i didint even knew i had an account there tbh (or i forgot) anyway im on my way to secure everything again. guess ill be using google random password gen. Thank you for your hard work. And have a good day.
  2. Thats imposible i have a need of using my phone to access my email. My data was one breached and im extra carefull with everything such as email. no one is getting in without me notice. And i ALWYES have a phone with me.
  3. Ok Next question, how did it happend that same day as i bought next 3 year of "security" the key is in same day get leaked?
  4. Can i ask for information when the leak happend? like when all those othr devices joined it to my key? its kind of important but if you can't tell me ill understand
  5. Apparently my licece key has been leaked i have no idea how but it did. ALSO there is NO OPTION to reset my licence key in my.eset.com as it says in https://help.eset.com/
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