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  1. Hi Marcos, I thought I had pressed restart, but now you mention it, I may have shut down. ESET no longer says it requires a restart, so Next time I get the "ESET requires a restart" message. I will update this post. Thank you
  2. HI Marcos, I believe we previously used Version 6. I was unable to find anything specific in the logs and I would prefer not to post our ESET logs onto a public forum. Apologies for the inconvenience. I had previously come across HiberBoot/Fast Start, and was aware that it was happening by default with Windows 10, but I wasn't aware of any issues with using it. Ive done some more investigating into Fast Start, and it would seem likely that the issue is because ESET requires the PC to go through the full System Initialisation. Thank you both, for helping me get to the solution.
  3. HI Marcos/INDUS_MH, Thank you for your responses. I have turned off Fast Start and now its working fine. Now i know that this works, i have also been able to push this out via Group Policy / RegEx Thank you Both
  4. Hi Indus_MH, That will likely be the issue. I'm going to try and find the settings to change this is Group Policy and Registry. then i will let you know how i get on. Thank you for your help.
  5. Hi, We are using ESET ERA Web Console and ESET Business version 8. Whenever a restart is required for ESET, we have to restart from the ESET programme. If we restart the Windows PC normally, when the PC comes back on, ESET still says that it requires a restart, until we restart using the click here to restart link on ESET AntiVirus. Is there any way to change the configuration to make a normal PC restart, do the same thing that an ESET restart does? Thank you in advance.
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