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  1. Problem fixed. Windows server updates had reactivated a couple of services which had nabbed port 80. Simply disabling them negated the issue. I'm now planning on moving the EEE server onto a different port to resolve the issue permanently during the downtime over the weekend.
  2. I'm getting a 404 error message all of a sudden on the server (running windows server 2019) for for dashboard for EEE. I've not accessed the dashboard for a couple of months as most of the staff team here are working from home and the computers aren't being used. We do have a database running for some accounting software on the server as well which is running on a separate port. However this hasn't previously conflicted with the EEE dashboard server or database. Could you advise how I can either gain access to the dashboard again via a different method other than localhost/server or advise which services would need a restart services (if required) to bypass the 404 error. Many thanks.
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