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    Mr_Frog gave kudos to NewbyUser in Virusradar - Displaying threats in real time   
    I'd rather they continue to focus on detection rather than a silly page of splashy graphics that proves nothing.
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    Mr_Frog gave kudos to itman in ESET firewall blocking and re-blocking a number of apps   
    With the rules disabled and if this was inbound network traffic from these IP addresses, the Eset firewall will block this network activity unless it was initiated from some app running on your PC. Further if your router has a firewall and it's a stateful one, the router would auto drop any unsolicited inbound network traffic.
    Also note that creating a firewall block rule does not prevent the blocked network activity from appearing in the Network Troubleshooting wizard. This is by Eset design. It is also something I believe should not happen and have commented on previously in the forum.
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    Mr_Frog gave kudos to itman in HIPS Logging Bug   
    However, I think it appropriate that if a user created firewall rule existed that block the communication, the Network Wizard should ignore it since it was user created.
    My understanding of the Network wizard was to make the user aware of blocked activity due to an existing Eset default firewall rule, or any blocked activity for which an user firewall rule does not exist for the activity.
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    Mr_Frog gave kudos to itman in High use of Memory by ESET Internet Security   
    A few comments about MBAM and its Katana engine use.
    Katana is far from new. It was developed as an open source project: https://sourceforge.net/projects/katana-usb/files/v3.0beta/ . Much later, Russian based AV Dr. Web developed it further: https://products.drweb-av.pl/home/katana/ . Note that Dr. Web is the only AV approved by Russia's FSB for use in Russia. Draw your own conclusions .......
    The question is if MBAM is using the Dr. Web version of Katana under a license agreement? If this is the case, I certainly wouldn't be using MBAM.
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    Mr_Frog gave kudos to itman in Two factor authentication for my.eset access   
    You misunderstood me. This was my suggestion on how Eset handle my.eset.com access.
    When someone logs onto an account there, Eset sends an e-mail to whomever logged on. Remember the "user id" for logging into a my.eset.com account is an e-mail address. This is much easier to implement versus a two-factor scenario where a "code" is e-mailed and that code is subsequently entered to complete the logon process.
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