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  1. Hi Peter, I just sent you an email. Do you happen to know if there's any type of Script I can push out from our MDM to disabled Web Access Protection for the time being? Our users generally do not have administrative rights, so the workaround of disabling Web access protection is a bit cumbersome. Thanks! ~Allen
  2. Thanks for the information! We kept trying different combinations until we finally realized it was ESET. I find it odd that ESET hasn't published this as a known issue. Now to figure out what to have our end users do for the few machines that are deployed with Big Sur (luckily, there's only about 5 of those right now... and we have an MDM block prohibiting updating to Big Sur for the Catalina machines).
  3. Is anybody else running into issues installing MacOS Updates while ESET is running? For the MacOS 11.1 to 11.2 upgrade, we've had to boot into Safe Mode it seems. For the MacOS 11.2 to 11.2.1 upgrade, we've had to disable all ESET protection before it would work. We are using ESET Endpoint 6.10.460.1. Anyone have similar experiences? Thanks!
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