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  1. Ah, nice! Didn't show up automatically for me, but worked after checking for the updates manually, so fingers crossed now. Thanks!
  2. @MarcosIs there any ETA for new version being generally available? This issue is extremely frustrating...
  3. @MarcosSwitching to automatic allows the traffic, but switching back to interactive doesn't fix the problem: traffic is blocked and the interactive pop-up doesn't show up.
  4. @MarcosI haven't tried that. I only know that pausing the firewall and enabling it back doesn't fix it.
  5. My interactive firewall dialog stopped appearing as well again, attaching the dumps of both processes. egui.exe... egui.zip
  6. I have the exact same issue. Have you created the support ticket @msha?
  7. Google directed me here as I have the exact same problem for last couple of months. Am I really the only one still seeing this issue?
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