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  1. Now I get this. Seems Speccy is a problem now, even though it's an old version. I will "Clean" unless I hear otherwise. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for your reply itman. Sorry, but I still don't understand what to do. I have this ESET box sitting here, on top of all windows, waiting for me to make a selection: "Disable permissive firewall rules?": Disable Rules or Keep Rules. Or, I could also select a box which says "Keep rules and remember setting for this application" What should I select please?
  3. Hi Marcos and thanks for your reply. I don't know what interactive firewall mode is. I just install ESET and let it do its thing. I did run an old version of Piriform Speccy this morning, (v1.31), and when ESET popped up to tell me it might be a problem, I said leave it be and let it run. Maybe that's what triggered this? I've never had it happen before, but I don't use Speccy all that much - usually I use Speedfan. At any rate, attached is the logfile for you. Thanks. eis_logs.zip
  4. Hi. I'm using ESET Internet Security v with Windows 10 v1909. Today I got a popup window from ESET, saying C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Security\equi.exe (PID 8988) has been changed on my computer. It's asking me if I want to "disable permissive firewall rules?" or keep rules. I saw this thread below, but it's locked and from 2 years ago, so I can't add to it. Can someone please explain to me what is happening and how I should respond to this window? Thanks.
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