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  1. I have no doubt that it is possible, having done so myself; but I like your answer because it is not dismissive. The updates in question are those earmarked for Server 2008 SP2 (not R2, which is Windows 6.1 like Win7). They contain an extractable text document that explicitly lists Vista under applicability info. Since Microsoft did not block installation on Vista, I did not have to find “unofficial ways” to install them. Another technical matter that might be relevant to using ESET 12 on Vista: Those SHA-2 updates change the build number from 6.0.6002 [SP2] to 6003. Of course that was al
  2. So no one is using ESET 12.2.30 on Vista with SHA-2 support installed? As for the former ESET user who now uses Panda: I tried Panda 6 years ago with disastrous results (had to reinstall my Vista). A better suggestion might be Avast 18.8 or equivalent AVG version. True, that’s a legacy version, but so is ESET 12.
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