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  1. I bought an Eset Cyber SEcurity PRO license for 2 years for MacOS. But when I updated my Mac to newest version of Big Sur to 11.2 I am not able to update ESET anymore. I have some warning in the client (that my computer is not protected) and when I try to update to newest version I get an error. Version I am using right now is 6.10.400 problematic one that can't be installed is 6.10.460.1, it says that it is intended only for version 10.12 - 11.0 what is not my case (I am running 11.2). I am in this state for several weeks without any protection waiting for some update. So my license I paid for is useless. Is there any updated planned for 11.2 Big sur ? Or I just throw 75 euros out of the window ?
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