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  1. Am I correct in that ESET Endpoint antivirus doesn't have an interface/gui? (only command line).
  2. From what i look up online, ESET endpoint security for Linux just install the nod32 business edition. Which again, is the outdated application
  3. Another thing I don't understand: "eset security endpoint for linux" is just the same nod32 v4 client but with 'business' slapped on it, from the looks of it. How is it different from normal nod32.. both seem outdated
  4. I recently installed nod32 on linux and also noticed the ancient UI and license. WHY is it advertised if it's a legacy product is what I'm wondering. There was no CLEAR way to tell that it's not an active product anymore. Also: I'm fine with going trough a portal to use the endpoint antivirus but then you need to be able to just buy one license like we can now....
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