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  1. Were I in control of the policy of its use internally, sure. But the team that has been using this tool for a decade is requiring its use for the time being.
  2. Apologies, logs are attached now. ees_logs.zip
  3. Marcos, I have sent you logs in a message.
  4. I have created exceptions for the path and file hash within the remote management center. I can also see these exceptions on affected endpoints, however when I restore the file or reinstall the program, ESET ES still cleans the file by deletion.
  5. We have an internal program that uses crypt.exe to decrypt a downloaded access database file. This exe has hash 2E3B1CA1E54C7E3ADFD5D2205F6F54E93792B9CF and has just recently been flagged by the detection engine with the following Win32/Codeode.A. This file is essential for functioning of our tools. VirusTotal notes that this is only reported as malicious by ESET's detection engine at this time.
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