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  1. Can you please clarify where that setting is? I'm looking at "ESET Cyber Security Preferences" under "Web Access Protection -> Ports -> Ports used by HTTP protocol:" and do not have 443 listed there. Is there somewhere else you are referring to for setting the port?
  2. I'm running the latest PROD release of Big Sur and using an iPhone 8 that was on iOS 14.3. Yesterday, I went to restore the iOS software on my iPhone via my Mac, using an official IPSW file from Apple. To install, I open my iPhone in Finder and hold down the Option key while clicking the Update button (which allows me to select the IPSW for installation). My computer processed this file for a few minutes but eventually failed. It seemed like it failed during the package verification step. I found that by going into System Preferences -> Network and then removing the "ESET Network Conne
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