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    user209 gave kudos to sanjay mehta in NSO and Pegasus back in the spotlight   
    the world is rocked by the horrifying news of how despotic authoritarian governments and their agencies have used the spyware pegasus made by NSO from israel to intrude the phones & privacy of journalists/opposition leaders/judges/activists etc.
    from all accounts, it is now becoming clear that the two primary operating systems on phones, android & ios by google & apple have intentional backdoors disguised as security bugs to allow the security agencies to snoop into any smart phone worldwide.
    my question is, as a responsible antivirus vendor, will eset ever be able to protect the users from such illegal intrusions ? is it ever possible, considering that the OS itself has been laid bare to such intrusions by incorporating "security bugs".
    phones, especially the smart phones are are no longer secure, but the stunning silence of all AV vendors is even more cause for concern.
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