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  1. I have encountered a problem with Outlook 2016 and 2019 clients with ESET Smart Security. It started yesterday, Monday 19.04. Randomly some of the sent mails are blank. Is there any known update conflict between Microsoft Windows or Office and ESET Smart Security 8.0.2028.0?
  2. Hi, I have ESET Protect v8 VA deployed on Hyper-V. It was set-up in Polish, but the login screen of webconsole keeps changing to English. A few times a day I have to select Polish from the list, wait for login screen to reload. It literally drives me nuts. Distributor support in Poland said it works as intended, however I have used ESMC v7 for almost a year and it never changed the login screen from Polish. Anyone can assist please?
  3. Assuming above suggestion is it a good practice to issue a cyclic task of updating agents, say, once a month? From my observations so far it is quite lightweight bandwith-wise and works well over VPN too. But is it a safe and good practice?
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