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    Your majesty gave kudos to MartinK in Can't connect for era/webconsole in LAN   
    In case there is a firewall, you have to enable port 443 (standard HTTPs) or possibly other simillar port, the same you are using locally.
    Short summary of ports in default:
    2222 is ports used for AGENT->ESET PROTET communication and should be generally opened from network where AGENTs are installed 2223 is port used by Apache Tomcat to communicate with it's backend and also it is used by installers to communicate with it. In case you are not using so called "Server assisted" mode of installers, there is no need to open this oper to outside networks 443/8443 is default port used to connect to console using standard web browser. This port has to be accessible to devices where browser/console users will be connecting from. Specific value os this port might depend on environment and Apache Tomcat configuration.
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