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  1. I got it. It was the MYSQL cnf file. It sayd for version 8.0 to put in a line in [mqsqld], but says if you're using 5.62 (or other version) to put in two other lines. I didn't put those lines in because the instructions don't specify they need to be used for 8.0 and make it look like you don't need it. Added those two line in, reloaded mysql, installing now.
  2. Nevermind. I added an erauser account, re-ran the script, no longer gives me password wrong. Now just back to Database not configured properly again.
  3. Ok, I think I may have found one issue. You know when they say "It's DNS"? That may be part of it. I manually added the host into my DNS server and changed the user to erauser. then it came back and said user had the wrong password instead of straight failed. I put my created user back in (esetdb) and failed again. Should I create the erauser as a user in MYSQL before running it?
  4. Let me get back there and try this again. I even tried copying each switch individually to avoid blank or unneeded characters. I'll update after I have regained consciousness from beating my head into this wall.
  5. I went back through with a whole new Ubuntu 20 VM. Followed everything to the letter. Everything looks good, replies back with the correct responses, go to install the server, "Database not configured properly". I went back over the installation instructions, verified I was using the instructions for Ubuntu 20, ODBC 8.0, and MySQL 8. I have tried several permutations of the install script, including a new MYSQL user with root privileges and remote access to the system. I have a ticket in now, but this has been frustrating far beyond belief. I may have to wait until my new servers come in to
  6. You know what, I have set up several Ubuntu servers that run internal and public facing webservers, drive imaging, business process management, human resources, and equipment inventory. All virtual, all running either 16.04 or 18.04. I have enough Linux skills to get all of those running with no issues. I have run into many systems where that wasn't so, but it was because the instructions have been terrible. Devs sometimes forget that everyone may have a different definition of what "standard prerequisites" means. One install of a process management system forgot to include 3-4 pieces of softw
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