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  1. to itman This special web site is not a hacked web site but an important business to business intranet site. The former certificate hat a revoked intermediate certificate and therefore was incorrect. Most web browsers do not check the certificate chain for revoked certificates and show the certificate with revoked certificates falsely as correct. Regards, Wolfgang
  2. Hi Marcos, adding the URL to a list excluded from content scan is not what we really want. Content scan should be applied to web access as we do not trust any foreign web site. Adding the certificate to the list of known certificates should allow web access with "scan" or "ignore" action regardless of the validity of the certificate: "I know what I do when I allow this special certificate". If this is not the behavior then we do want this to be corrected in the software: not as a feature but as an error. In the meantime a new, now correct, certificate for this special
  3. ok, I understand that the ESETwarning is correct. But we need to trust this certificate a t least as long they get a new correct certificate. What parameters do we have to set in ESET SCM to ignore this single certificate? We followed this article [KB7241] Resolve the intranet single sign-on authentication issues with TLS filtering activated (eset.com) but the error message still remains. Regards Wolfgang
  4. Hello, we get the same false message for this website https://intranet.agricom.cl/Intranet Clients without ESET Software are getting correct answer from this website with no certificate error We even tried to enter an exception for this website without success Web und E-Mail | SSL/TLS | List of known certificates (Import from URL) Name: *.agricom.cl Certificate issuer: GlobalSign RSA DV SSL CA 2018 Certificate subject: CN=*.agricom.cl Access = Allow But no success: Error Message all the same "Website certificate is revoked" pls help, regards
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