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  1. Yes, but we paid for it 2 month ago and kept waiting for the license during all the time. Perhaps you think it is normal situation - to pay money for something and get it after 2 month. Yes the license was created just yesterday, but can you explain me why the license generating takes so long time?
  2. Hello again.t Thanks for your reply. Yes, till today we had 3 active licenses and paid one, for which we couldn’t get a key. Finally, today (after almost two months!!!) we got the key for the last license. As you can check, now we have 4 active licenses, as it should be. Hope we will avoid such situation in the future. Thanks for your attention. Case is closed.
  3. At the end of November 2020 we renewed two licenses for 1 year subscription for 3 and 5 devices. After 10 (ten!) days we received only 3 devices license key. We are still waiting the second 5 devices key. We contacted Eset support service and provided them with all accounting and bank information proving our purchase. But they did nothing to solve the problem. Almost two month! Very bad service and very bad support
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