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  1. Thank you ALL for your help! Solution: 1: Set interactive mode. 2: Delete ALL network rules manually. 3: WITHOUT rebooting, manually shut down Tixati. 4: WITHOUT rebooting, manually shut down OpenVPN. 5: WITHOUT rebooting, start OpenVPN again... 6: Now you get prompted to allow all such traffic. Bam. Now it works. For good measure: Before this fixed, I saved a restore point "known faulty". So now, I reset windows to there, verified that now the problem was back. I applied the above fix again, and it solved the problem. Then I restored to "known faulty". Applied
  2. Yes. When i uninstall ESET completely, it starts working again. I should have posted this thread in the morning because I'm about 1% away from losing my mind and using the computer to emulate a ballistic trajectory out of my window so I will return to you in the morning when I can write coherently. I do wish you a very good day, and thank you for your response!
  3. At university, bulk data transfers are often done via torrent. Until recently, I used ESET internet security premium. I did data transfers using Tixati, and a local tracker. Now, I just installed ESET premium. Immediately when I installed the program, ESET started blocking access to all torrent trackers. Attempted fix: Set ESET firewall to "Interactive mode". Result: Even if i order ESET to allows the traffic, ESET still blocks all access to all torrent trackers, without excepiton. Set ESET firewall to "learning mode". Result: ESET still blocks all access to all torrent tra
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