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  1. @itman The description is correct. Some problems in my translation。They are all EIS similar products of eset! The comparison is all anti-virus software, otherwise the evaluation is meaningless. Ranked fourth :卡巴斯基反病毒软件 = Kaspersky Anti-Virus Ranked second :迈克菲安全保护套装 = McAfee Total Protection ESET = EIS Avast Free Antivirus ESET I nternet Security
  2. 1. I think you may understand that it may be somewhat inaccurate. "SKD Labs" is the evaluation and certification organization of "West Coast Labs" in China. Strictly speaking, it is localized, but it is not a Chinese company.2. The second and fourth are "McAfee AVERT" and "Kaspersky" respectively, which are just Chinese names, not that they are also products of Chinese companies. 360 antivirus, also ranked 9th.3、they are a Microsoft MVI certification source: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/security/threat-protection/intelligence/virus-initiative-criteria4. Therefore, I think the key p
  3. https://www.skdlabs.com/2021/news_0208/669.html Is it because of localization? It has always been thought that eset is the top ranking, but the result is regretful. Is the third-party evaluation conclusion true? Attachment pdf, the original report! 20210208060154284.pdf
  4. eset now requires a privacy protection function, including the privacy folder function. You can add a specified folder to the specified application, and the specified application can read it instead of all applications. When an application violates read and write regulations, you can pop up a window prompt. Even for more important data directories, such as browser history folders, record the operation records of reading and writing applications to form statistics.
  5. I oppose your point of view. Although this is a vulnerability in the operating system, Microsoft has not released any patches in a short period of time, which means that users have risks. However, anti-virus software can completely protect users by intercepting this risk of accessing through browsers.
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