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  1. okay, thank you. Can you recommend a USB-Stick wich is working? So I need to oder 2-3 pcs of this type of Stick. Thanks a lot.
  2. The serialnumber is "6". When I add all these informations to a rule, it doesent work.
  3. thank you, i found it. It is grayed out, i dont know why.
  4. Hi, i did not found any populate Button. Whats wrong with that?
  5. Hi, I have created a media control policy, because basically nobody is allowed to use USB sticks.This works also wonderfully. How can I unlock single USB sticks? I think by adding a rule. I don't know what serial number eset expects, in the log files it says "6" for serial number, which doesn't work. How do I find out the correct serial number of my stick?
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