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  1. hello itman tkx for your reply i have send mesage to marcos. i hope can reply to me asap
  2. hi marcos i have tray many time to send to you private message but it's impossible : marcos can't recievd messages ???? how can send to you ? tkx
  3. hi marcos, but i havn't the ID ther licence is not activated how to send you the ID ??? do you have mail or others to can send you the licence to chekc and resovle the prorblem ? can you contact me by mail or gie meyour mail to send directly bets greetigns Djaber
  4. hello Marcos, thank you for your reply by the way how to share the keys here ? our licence is not free and can others see it ? we have also home office 1+10 and 1+5 not work same problem need to send to you to chekc what uis the problem the problem is ACT6 wait your reply best greetins Djaber
  5. Hello, I have but key retail box eset multidevice 5 usées from shope, when installe the software and need to activate it i have error message : licence expired ???? Help me what is this problem ? The seller said the problem is eset Who close and clean this Keys from him serveur from 3 years ?? I have by hand now norton 2012 and also kaspersky 2014 work normally !!! Its not profetional if eset do this rules and recycle him Keys not activated in market. Wait your reply Best greetings. Djaber
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