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  1. Hi, Well, I have request the last client who contacted us about this issue to try again. We don't use this antivirus. Anyway this was a quite common problem we faced some weeks ago, and the certificate installed was the same. So, it seems something was wrong with the detection system. But maybe it was fixed with some update. I will let you know as soon as I get a reply. Regards!
  2. Hi, First of all, Happy New Year. I wanted to share an issue we are facing with some clientes who uses Esset Antivirus and try to access to our website. They are getting a message about the certificate of the site, it says the certificate is revoked, but that isn't true. The certificate is valid until July of 2021. I attach both images (the error and the certificate status). The site is: https://status.camerfirma.com/ra_2010. You can test with https://status.camerfirma.com Regards!
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