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  1. I had postponed an ESET update because I was not sure if that update would still be covered by my active license. As a last thing I could think of, I did the update and luckily it is still covered by the active license. After restart the problem has disappeared­čśâ. I can only hope it stays like that.
  2. A good 2021 to all of you! Since 1-2 days I suddenly have a problem, the WIN10 PC is extremely slow. E.g. starting a browser session normally was instantaneous but now takes 40 sec. Windows Task Manager shows 100% CPU usage, which is for over 99% by ESET Service (2), see attachment. I did not start any action with ESET, e.g. there is no virus scan running. Any suggestions what I can do to get back to normal CPU usage? Thanks in advance for your help!
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