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  1. For information, I have the Limited Direct Cloud Connectivity warning message each time I launch Steam. Everything is up to date. I don't really care for myself but it might help you to figure out which port may be problematic.
  2. Just as a follow up, everything seems to work fine now. So just in case you have the same problem than me and switching off and on the ssl option do not help you, uninstall nod32, uninstall thunderbird, reinstall thunderbird, configure it, be sure everything is fine, then reinstall nod32. Maybe it'll work for you as it did for me. Be sure to test the ssl switching off and on first though, as it worked for me twice before, and it's much less painnful and risky than uninstall everything.
  3. I tried to disabled everything bit by bit, then disable the whole protection. No change, I mean no e-mails. I was thinking the same, but I've just uninstall Nod32 and I was able to synchronize my imaps account and get all my mails... I will reinstall nod32 now, maybe the installation order may have an effect (before I install nod32 first thing after the os, then thundbird).
  4. I have to reactivate this thread, since the solutions did work for me at a certain time. But today I changed my computer and made a fresh install of windows 10 pro, thunderbird and nod32 antivirus. The turn off turn on ssl filtering trick didn't work. I deleted the certificate in the TB store, and turn off and on the SSL, double checked the new certificate was now in TB, but still, the mails of the imaps account were not able to be fetched. What worries me is that even if I turn off the SSL filtering, mails are not sync, there's a timeout. If I turn off the Protocol filtering no success as well ... And now even if I suspend the antivirus for 10 minutes, having no protection at all, still no mails... And of course the server is on, I can still get the mails on another computer. I'll try to uninstall nod32 and tb and reinstall all of them, but atm I'm a bit anxious I can't get a solution.
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