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  1. @Marcos@itmanoh fine then, Thanks to both Good day
  2. "lloydsbank.secure-data-auth-verify.com". This website is targeting Lloyd Bank's Users in the UK (I tried to send it by email to samples@eset.com but it got blocked repeatedly so I decided to post it here)
  3. @MarcosOh Hi Marcos, thanks for the help and the explanation. I will try it. Good day!
  4. I have tried using nod32 in safe mode by going to ESET security app (as I always do to use nod32) but for some reason it won't start, not even if I run it as administrator. I also tried to use the bat file (https://support.eset.com/es/kb2272) to perform a scan but I couldn't open it either (I ran it with administrator permissions). I don't have symptoms of any malware infection, but I prefer to check it out. Thanks and good day
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