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  1. Thank you for your help, i try this task and come back to u. Eric
  2. hi Martin, Thanks for your reply. ESMC tells that it have 450 computers in database. But we only have about 160 active computers on the network. The différence (in Red in the displayed stats) concerns the computers that do not try to connect because they do not exist anymore. So my question was, is it possible to purge database to only see and manage real and active computers ? Thank u, eric
  3. Hi, For some probably historic reasons our ESMC platform need to be cleaned and purge to see the actual situation. Does anyone knows how this can be done ? Thanks, Eric
  4. Hi, Our ESET Security Management center tells LICENCE IS OVERUSED : 257/142 units (0 off line) But we don't have 257 hosts ont the network ..... So can u tell me how it's possible to clean up the licence database and to have a real situation of the licences used ? Thanks Eric
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