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  1. Hello, I followed both tips, and so far so good. :-) Thank you.
  2. Well, it didn't work for too long. Still get messages about Eset stopped working. What's the issue with this?
  3. Have you fixed the issue with Windows 8.1 telling Eset has stopped working? Happens like ten times a day with version 7.
  4. Found a forum thread on Wilders where someone recommended disabling notifications. I've now disabled the notifications regarding security messages in Action Center. Though I'm curious to hear if you guys have found a proper solution to it yet?
  5. I have Eset Nod32 7.0.317.4 installed on a Windows 8.1 system. Every single day I get a message from Windows Action Center telling me Eset has stopped working. I then open Eset, and it seems to be running normally. No error message from Eset. What's the problem? This is what Action Center is telling me: "Smart Security has stopped working properly. An update is available that solves this problem." Clicking on the link for the update that solves the problem, it only direct me to the download page for your trial products, and afaik, I already has the newest version installed. PS: Windows Defender is disabled.
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