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  1. The login page loads, but the moment I try to click anything on the page ( username/password/domain login checkbox), the whole page turns white. I have several clients and colleges with the same issue and believe most of them use Chrome. I was able to get the page to load in Incognito mode if I cleared all my autocomplete data, but the issue still is present in regular mode. I've attached the info from the white blank page source and I see "You need to enable JavaScript to run this app", however, JavaScript is indeed enabled. Thanks for your assistance. eset_blank_page.txt
  2. Hello, I performed a fresh upgrade of which has the hotfix included and I'm are still experiencing issues. As soon as I click the page it turns white preventing me from doing anything. I've also verified that the web console is running and cleared browser cache just to make sure that's not the issues.
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