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  1. I managed to find the Eset contact details for Germany (only the postal address seems to be quoted directly on the actual Eset website): Spitzweidenweg 32 · 07743 Jena · 03641 31140 e-mail: Info@ESET.de I will try sending them an email. Thanks a lot for your support.
  2. I would like to buy a second Eset license for an additional computer that I have just bought. Whilst doing so I noticed that my existing license is registered to my old physical address (I mean my house number, street name etc, not IP address). I see no way of changing it. Even if I try to buy a completely new license instead, it still gives me the old address with no option to change it. If I enter my account settings there is no option to change it there either. I also find no way to actually contact Eset to change it. Their help just seems to be links to documentation. Can anyon
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