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  1. I used a "contact tech support" form, but never received a case ID or support ticket after pressing submit. If I need to resubmit it, I can do that using the information above. Please let me know how to proceed properly. Also, thank you so much for your prompt reply! Respectfully, Paul Johnson
  2. I recently upgraded to the Smart Security Premium version from NOD32. While checking out the features, I placed password security on my USB drive. I know the password to access the files, but since I cannot remember exactly where I placed specific files on the USB drive, I am having great difficulty retrieving what I need in a timely manner. I am a college instructor, and I REALLY would like to remove the password access from the drive so that I can prepare for the upcoming term. Without being able to remove it, I am afraid that I will have to spend excessive amounts of time during the Chr
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