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  1. yeah whitelisting is the only solution for me this time, no , this is an internal hdd, you can acces C drive(windows installed), but not for D
  2. hdd connected with sata cable direct to motherboard, i dont see blocked hdd in the log but after disable device blocking rule , we can acces drive D (partition D)
  3. eset blocking drive D, when device control for blocking usb storage activated. please help, it solve by making unblock rule for the HDD by serial number. is there any simplest way to fix it, because its impossible to add Users HDD serial number 1 by 1
  4. hi, regarding this https://support-eol.eset.com/en/trending_vista_7.html is there a way to hide the outdate message on endpoint GUI and in the esmc/eset protect? and what will happen if i stay in endpoint v7.1 until the last time? what functions / features will be disabled? im asking this because, i have many user that impossible to upgrade the OS/Endpoint , in many reasons. do we have a trick? i bet my job for this thx in advance
  5. any plan about adding this information in the future? because some eset user might need it for audit reason. installed date, uninstalled date, or reinstall date / applicaton history would be good informastion. thx marcos,
  6. try this sudo find /usr/lib /lib /var/lib /usr/local/lib -type f -name UTF-16.so -exec ln -s {} /usr/lib/gconv/UTF-16.so \;
  7. hello, can we generate report for information about what time or when the endpoint/agent have been installed on user computer? thx in advance
  8. hi. i have an issue after installing eset endpoint security v7.3, our company web portal cant be open, already exclude IP, url and even ssl certificate from protocol filtering but still cant open it. internal issue the company ssl certificate has expired, but before eset hv been installed its normal. any other solution to bypass eset ssl fitering? thx in advance
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